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433: Noah/ Noe/ Nuh, 'means comfort' ben Lamech of ELDA, born 2948 BC, Shulon, East Eden.  died 1998 BC, Salem, Jerusalem, Canaan.  Married 1) 2444 BC., to *Titea.  Married 2) Emzara bat Rake'el of ELDA, 1st cousin, born 2946 BC.  Married 3) *Naamah

Children of Noah and Titea:

1) *Japheth, born 2450 BC.  Married 2420 BC, to Noegla, born 1996 BC -- father of the European people

2) Ham, born 2490 BC.  Married 1) 2310 BC, to Noela.  Married 2) Ne'elatama'ak

wife 1---Syria, Arabia, Africa

wife 2---Cush who had : a) Seba,  b) Havilah,  c) Sabtah,  d) Raamah,  e) Sabtica,  f) Mizaraim, who had:  a) Nimrod,  b) Ludim,   c) Anamim,  d) Lehabim,  e) Naphtahim,  f) Pathrusim,  g) Castuhim,  h) Caphtorim

Canaan, who had: a) Sidon,  b) Heth

Children of Noah and Emzara:

1) *Shem (see #432)

Noah was a giant --- Some of his titles were:  Ogyges, Saga, means in Scythian, Great Patriarch, Sovereign Priest, Mighty Sacrificer;  Olybarna and Arsa by the Scythians and Armenians, means Heaven and Sun;  Ianus in Scythian, means giver of wine -- he was the first to find out the use of wine and was not able of endure its strength.   He invited many of his friend over and then got Drunk.

434: Lamech 'means captive or someone who is ruled' ben Methusaleh of ELDA, married 1) Zillah. married 2) Adah. married 3) Betenos bat Baraki'il/Barak 11 of ELDA

Children of Lamech and Zillah:

1) Tubal-Cain,
was an artificer of brass and iron

2) Naamah

Children of Lamech and Adah:

1) Jabel,
dwelt in tents/was a cattle man

2) Jubel

Children of Lamech and Betenos:

1) *Noah
(see #433)

435: Methuselah/Methusala ben Enoch of ELDA, born 3817 BC. died 2344 BC. married 1) *Edna bat Azial of ELDA, 1st cousin. married 2) Unknown

Children of Methuselah and Edna:

1) *Lamech (see #434)

Children of Methuselah and Unknown:

1) *Rake'el be Methuselah of Elda, born 3110 BC.

2) *Eliakim, had: a) *Sedeqetelebab, married Shem
b) Bedwig, married and had: Hawala. c) Elam, born 2399 BC, Babylon, married and had: Shushan, *Rasu'eja married Arphaxad, d) Machul, e) Harmon, f) Chedorlamaomer King of ELam, g: Darius 'the Mede' king of Chaldea

436: Enoch/Henoch/Chanock/Enoh be Jared of ELDA, means 'teach' or 'trained'. born 3382 BC. died 3013 BC (Some say he was translated). married 1) *Edna bat Danel, 1st cousin, born 3382 BC. married 2) Unknown

Children of Enoch and Edna:

1) *Methuselah (see #435)

Children of Enoch and Unknown:

1) *Baraki'il/Elisha ben Enoch of Elda

Enoch was a showmaker, he was the first man on earth who learned writing, knowlege, and wisdom, and who wrote down the signs of heaven in a book---He is accosiated with ELijah in Jewish mysticism. The Arabian name for him is Edris and their traditions are that he was an eminent astronomer, mathematician and prophet of 'god'.

437: Jared/Jered means 'decend or he shall come down' ben Mahalaleel of ELDA, born 3544 BC, Garden of Eden. died 2578 BC, Earth. married 1) *Baraka bat Rasujah of ELDA, 1st cousin, born 3540 BC. married 2) Unknown

Children of Jared and Baraka:

1) *Enoch (see #436)

Children of Jared and Unknown:

1) *Azrial ben Jared of Elda, born 3476 BC, he had: a) *Edna bat Azrial of Elda, who married Methusaleh ben Enoch

438: Mahalaleel/Mahaleel ben Cainaan of ELDA, means 'god shining forth', born 3609 BC, Garden of Eden. died 2710 BC, Cainaan. married 1) 3540 BC, *Dinah bat Barakiel of ELDA, son of Enosh, born 3540 BC.  Married 2) Unknown

Children of Mahalaleel and Dinah:

1) *Jared (see #437)

Children of Mahalaleel and Unknown:

1) *Danel/Daniel ben Mahalalel of Elda, born 3540 BC

439: Cainaan/Kenan means 'habitation or nesting place' ben Enos of ELDA. born 3679 BC, Garden of Eden. died 2765 BC, Cainaan. married 1) 3608 BC, *Mualeleth bat Enos of ELDA, his sister. married 2) Unknown

Children of Cainaan and Mualeleth:

1) *Mahalaleel (see #438)

Children of Cainaan and Unknown:

1) *Rasujal ben Cainan of Elda, born 3603 BC. had: a) *Baraka, who married Jared (#437)

440: Enos/Anosh/Enosh 'a mortal' ben seth of ELDA, born 3769 BC, East Eden. died 2860 BC, Cainaan. married 1) 3691 BC, *Naom bat Seth of ELDA, his sister, born 3763 BC. married 2) Unknown

Children of Enos and Naom:

1) *Mualeleth, married brother Cainaan #439)

2) *Cainaan (see #439)

Children of Enos and Unknown:

1) *Barakiel/Elisha ben Enos of Elda. had: a) *Dinah, who married Mahaleel ben Cainan (see #438) b: *Betenos/Ashuma bat Baraki'il, married Lamech (see #434)

441: Adam/Adama 'the earthling' /Adapa/Atab 'the Model Man' /Atabba 'Priest-King, the Man' 'ruddy' 'a human being' 'Mortal Creation' of ELDA, born 4004 BC (according to the Christian time frame)/ 5970 BC (according to the Jewish Torah). died 3070 BC. married 1) Eve/Eva/Ava/Nin-khawa/Hawah of ELDA 'Mother of all living' (Gnostic accounts of the Eden myth used the Aramaic pun identifying Even, 'the Teacher' and in identifying the serpent 'to instruct', she was born 4000 BC. married 2) Lillith

Children of Adam and Eve:

1) *Azura/Lebhubha/Laphura bat Adam of Elda, married 3775 BC, to Seth (#440), her brother

2) Seth (See #441)

3) Luluwa/Awan bat Adam of Elda, born 3922 BC. married Cain ben Adam of Elda, her brother

4) Abel/Hevel/Habnil ben Adam of Elda, born 3927 BC. died 3901 BC. killed by his brother Cain. He was a shepherd.

5) Noraia, mythilogical character dealing with creation

6) Kalimath/Climia/Aklemia/Kaliazura, married Seth ben Adam, her brother

7) Cain/Qayin/Ar-wi-um- ben Adam of Elda, serpent King of Kish, born 3905 BC. died Nod, Cainaan. Married Awan bat Adam of Elda, his sister, had: a) Atun/Etana, Shepherd King of Kish, b) Awan/Asuana/Haziana, c) Enoch/Henoch ben Cain of Nod, a wanderer

The real name of Cain 'the God of Judge', who was he? 'the God of Creation' was evil and a fallen angel and was the devil 'satan' himself who came to Cain was not the son of Adam and Eve, but the son of Eve and Enki, and his wife, Luluwas was the daughter of Enki and Lillith.
Adam was also known as Enki/Ea, Prince of Nudimmud of Eridu; also known as Masda/Mazda/Samuel the Great Shepherd the guardian of the Table of Destiny.

The following is to show, for those who believe in evolution, the different ages of man compared with the Bible.

442: Man of the Copper Age about 3500 BC. This was the Funnel Beaker and Yam naya Cultures between Jared and Enoch's time.

Evolved from

443: Man of the Chalcolthic Age about 4500 BC, they invested Cast Copper Cart axles

Evolved from

444: Man of the Aeneolithic Age about 5500 BC -- if you go to the Hebrew Torah, then somewhere between this period and the previous period is our biblical Adam 'mortal man', keeping in mind of course, that man was on earth during all these periods, otherwise how could change which is wrought by man come about?

Evolved from

445: Man of the European Neolithic Age about 6500 BC

Children of:


Evolved from

446: Man of the Fertile-Cresent Neolithic Age about 7500 BC

Evolved from

447: Man of the pre-Neolithic Age about 9000 BC -- thus the Natafian culture of Syria

Evolved from

448: Man of the Tardenoisian toolkit about 11,000 BC

Evolved from

449: Magelmose toolkit about 13,000 BC, here the bow and arrow use spread in Asia

Evolved from

450: Man of the Magdelen toolkit about 15,000 BC, at this time harpoons and spear-throwers were invented

Evolved from

451: Man of the Solitrean toolkit about 18,000 BC

Evolved from

452: Man ofthe Epi-Gravettian toolkit about 22,000 BC, here we see invented tailoring of clothing, this is when the Perigodian era also came about

Evolved from

453: Man of the Gravettian toolkit about 26,000 BC, the bow and arrow was invented in Africa

Evolved from

454: Man of the European Aurignacian about 30,000 BC, at this time the Venus doll was manufactured

Evolved from

455: Man of the Aurignacian toolkit about 35,000 BC, burning was invented

Evolved from

456: Man of the Chatelperronian toolkit about 45,000 BC, during this period to time the Cro-magnon was and blades were invented

Evolved from

457: Man of the Advanced Mousterian toolkit about 60,000 BC, modren man cam about in West Asia

Evolved from

458: Homo Sapiens Sapians about 75,000 BC, modren man came about in Africa

Evolved from

459: Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis about 160,000 BC, during this time inventions included core flaking, spearhead development, and wooden shelters, speach became advanced also

Evolved from

460: Homo Erectus about 1.6 million BC, the handaxewas invented

Evolved from

461: Homo Habilis, Man of the Oldowan toolkit about 2.2 million BC

Evolved from

462: Australopithecus Africanus about 2.6 million BC

EVolved from

463: Australopithecus Afarensis about 3.5 million BC

Evolved from

464: Ardepithecus ramidus about 5 million BC

Evolved from

465: Orrorin tugenensis about 6 million BC

Evolved from

466: Sahelanthropus tchadensis about 7 million BC

Evolved from

467: Earliest man-like ape about 8 million BC

Evolved from

468: Family of Hominid about 9 million BC, during this time evolved the chimpanzee

Evolved from

469: Superfamily of Great Apes about 15 million BC, during this time evolved the gorilla and orangutan

Evolved from

470: Infraoder of Apesa about 25 million BC, during this time evolved the gibbon and siamong

Evolved from

471: Suborder of the Anthropoid Primated about 35 million BC, during this time evolved the baboon, maroset and monkey

Evolved from

472: Order of the Primated about 40 million BC, during this time evolved the lemur, tarsier, loris, and aye-aye

The WYNN/GWYN Family                                                                           Wyn is derived from Gwyn meaning 'blessed, white, fair'.

473: Ellinn WYNN, born 12 December 1574, Hengwrt, Dolgelley, Merioneth, Wales.  married 1585, Merioneth, Wales to Gruffydd NANNAU, Lord of Nannau, born 11 June 1568, Nannau, Merioneth, Wales

474: John WYNNE, born 1550, Dolgelley, Merioneth, Wales.  married 1569, Wales to *Mary OWEN, born 1552, Merioneth, Wales

475: Rhys WYNN, born 1525, Wales.  married 1547, Wales to Unknown

476: John WYNN/WYN ab Huw, born 1500, Bodfil-Llannor, Caernarvon, Wales.  died 1576.  married 1524, Bers, Maelor Gymraeg, Denbigh, Wales to Elizabeth/Elsbeth PULESTON, born 1502, Bers, Maelor Gymsaig, Denbigh, Wales.  She was the daughter of John Puleston and Gaenor verch Robert

477: Huw ab John, born in Bodfel, Llannor, Caernarvon, Wales.  married to * Catrin SALUSBURY, born in Llanrhaeadr-yng, Denbigh, Wales

478: John ab Madog, born in Bodfel, Llannor, Caernarvon, Wales.  married to *Janet verch GRUFFUDD, born in y Chwaen, Llantrisaint, Aglesey, Wales

479: Madog ab HYWEL, born in Pennarth, Llanystumdwy, Caernarvon, Wales.  married to *Ellyw verch MORGAN, in Penllech, Cymymaen, Caernarvon, Wales

480: Hywel ab MADOG, born 1400, Pennarth, Llanystumdwy, Caernarvon, Wales.  Married 1) *Elen verch Dafydd, born 1402, Llanwrda, Caernarvon, Wales.  married 2) *Margred verch Rhys, born in Gloddaith, Eglwys-rhas, Caernarvon, Wales.  married 3) *Erddylad verch GRUFFUDD, born in Penmashnb, Nanconwy, Caernarvon, Wales

481: Madog ab IEUAN, born in Pennarth, Llanystumdwy, Caernavon, Wales.  died 1416.  married to *Gwerful verch RHYS, born in Erddreiniog, Tregaean, Anglesey, Wales.

482: Ieuan ab ENION, born 1334, Caernarvon, Wales.  died 1389.  married to *Gwenhwyfar verch EINION, born 1354, Ceinmeirch, Llanfachreth, Merioneth, Wales.

483: Einion ab GRUFFUDD, born in Caernarvon, Wales.  died 1356.  married nest verch GRUFFUDD, born in Tywyn, Merioneth, Wales.  She was the daugher of Gruffudd ab Adda

484: Gruffudd ab HYWEL, born in Bron-y-foel, Llanenddwyn, Merioneth, Wales.  married 1) *Angharad verch TEGWARED, born in Caernarvon, Wales.  married 2) *Gwerful verch Tegwared, born in Caernarvon, Wales.

485: Hywel ab MAREDUDD, born in Bron-y-foel, Llanenddwyn, Merioneth, Wales.  married to *Gwenllian verch GRUFFUDD, born in Henglawdd, Cilcen, Denbigh, Wales.

486: Maredudd ab EINION, born in Penychen, Llannor, Caernarvon, Wales

487: Einion ab CARADOG, born in Penychen, Llannor, Caernarvon, Wales

488: Caradog ab GWGON, born in Merioneth, Wales

489: Gwgon ab MERWYDD, born in Merioneth, Wales

490: Merwydd "Joch" ab GOLLWYN, born 1052, Merioneth, Wales.   died 1094

491: Gollwyn ab TANGNO, born 1025, Glamorganshire, Wales.  married 1) *Medlan 'Benllydan' verch NEIniad, born 1030, Mathrafal, Llangynyw, Merioneth, Wales.   married 2) *Rhianwen verch EDNYFED, born 1029, Machnart, Swydd y Waun, Powys, Wales

492: Tangno ab CADFAEL, born 1000, Merioneth, Wales

493: Cadfael ab LLUDD, born 967, Merioneth, Wales

494: Lludd ab LLEW

#494 refers back to the Vaughn family, where there are seveal missing generations, then come Lludd Llew #387, then his dad is #388 Bele Mawr/Heli Belenos, the great Bran Beli, the Blessed, the Cambrian, a Druid, King of Briton, born in Briton and died in 72 BC