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Strain Family 3

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The VAUGHAN Family (Continues)

The Third Royal Tribe (Continues)

369: Gwerystan ap GWAETHVOED, Lord, born 954, Powys
Wales, married to Nest verch CADELL ap Brochwel, born 958, Powys, Wales

Children of Gwerystan and Nest:

1) Ithel ap Gwerystan, born 980, Powys, Wales

2) *Cynfyn (See #368, on site 2)

3) Lleicu verch Gwerystan, born 982, Powys, Wales

4) Female verch Gwerystan, born 984, Powys, Wales. died 1004, married to Caradog ap Gwyn

5) *Nest verch Gwerystan, born 986, Powys, Wales, died 1006, married to Llywarch "Gam" ap Lluddica

6) *Elinor verch Gwerystan, born 987, Powys, Wales, died 1007, married to Cadell ap Einion

370: Gwaethvoed ap GWYNNAN, born 935, Powys, Wales

Children of Gwaethvoed:

1) Elystan ap Gwaethvoed, born 953, Powys, Wales, married

2) *Gwerystan ap Graerthvoed (avove)

3) Neiniad ap Graerthvoed, born 968, Wales

371: Gwynnan ap GWYNNOG, bprn 900, Powys, Wales

372: Gwynnog 'Farfsych' ap LLES, born 880, Powys, Wales

373: Lles Llawddeog ap CEIDIO, born 855, Powys, Wales

Children of Lles:

1) Caradoc ap Lles, born 910, Powys, Wales

2) *Gwynnog 'Farfsych' ap Lles (see #372)

374: Ceidio ap CORF, born 830, Powys, Wales

375: Corf ap CAENOG, born 800, Powys, Wales

376: Caenog ap TEGONWY, born 766, Powys, Wales

377: Tegonwy ap TEON, born 730, Powys, Wales

Children of Tegonwy:

1) *Caenog ap Tegonwy (see #376)

2) Iowerth 'Herflowdd'/Iorwerth Hirulawr ap Tegonwy of Grwysti was married

378: Teon ap GWINEU/Teonn ap Gweneu Deufreddwyd, born 700, Powys, Wales

379: Gwineu 'Deufreuddwyd' ap BYWYR, born 670, Powys, Wales

380: Bywyr 'Lew' ap BYWDEG< born 630, Powys, Wales

381: Bywdeg Howyrleu ap RHUN/Howder, born 600, Powys, Wales

382: Rhun Rhudd 'Baladr'/Run rud pala dyr ap LLAWR,
born 570, Powys, Wales

383: Llawr/Llary ap BASNAR, born 530, Powys, Wales

Casnar 'Wledic'/the Lagendary father Gwyn gohoyw, born 490, married to *Thewer verch BRYDW, born 480

Children of Casnar and Thewer:

1) Cynan ap Casnar

2) Llawr ap Casnar (see #383)

385: Gloyw gwlat lydan, born 450

386: Teneway, born 425

There are several generations missing!

387: Lludd Llaw Ereint 'the Silver Haired' ap BELI, King of the Britons (73 BC - 18 BC), born 80 BC in Britain, died 18 BC

Children of lludd Llaw:

1) *Afallach ap Lludd, King of the Britons, born 45 BC. He was married

2) Tenuantius/Theomantius, King of the Britons, born 26 BC. Married

3) *Mandubratius, married had Boadicea/Boudicca of Icea Llud, was a warrior king and town planner. He rebuilt New Troy, a Trojan city now known as London. This town became Lud's town or London.

388: Beli Mawr/Heli Belenos 'the Great' Bran Beli 'The Blessed', the Cambrain (Welshman), a Druid, Soveriegn Lord of the Celtics, King of Briton (113 BC - 73 BC), born in Briton. died 72 BC. Married 1) Don verch MATHONWY. Married 2) Anna of Arimathea 'The Prophetess'

Children by Mathonwy:

1) *Lludd Llaw (see abobe #387)

2) Llefelys

Children by Anna:

1) Caswallon ap Beli/Cassivellaunus, a Druid, King of the Briton, he was married

2) Penarddun verch Beli Married 1) Meric/Marius Cyllin of Briton, King of Siluria (065 - 125). Married 2) Llyr/Lear Llediaith, King of Britain. Died 010

3) Affachap Beli of Briton, he was married

4) Amalach, was married

389: Manogan ap ENEID 'The Cambrian' (Welshman), a Druid, King of the Britons, King of the Druids, born in Briton

390: Eneid Capoir ap CERWYD, King of the Druids/Briton, born 160 BC, Briton. Died 92 BC.

391: Cerwyd/Cerwydr 'The Cambrian' ap CRYDON

392: Crydon 'The Cambrian' ap DYFNARTH

393: Dyfnarth/Cynfarch 'The Cambrian' ap PRYDAIN. Duke/King of Cornwall

394: Prydain 'The Cambrian' ap AEDD> Duke/King of Cornwall

395: Aedd Mawr/Edward 'The Cambrian' ap ANTONIUS. Duke/King of Cornwall

396: Antonius 'The Cambrian' ap SEISYLL. Duke/King of Cornwall

397: Seisyll/Serwyl King of Britain. Died 721 BC

398: Gwrwst/Gonoduc King of Briton (663 BC). Married to Judon

Children of Gwrwst and Judon:

1) Porrex
Killed by his mother, Judon

2) Ferrex
Killed by his brother, Porrex

3) *Seisyll (see above #397)

There are 4 Generations missing:

399: Rhiwallon/Rivallo/Rriallon 'the Briton', King of Britain (761 BC) died in 743 BC

400: Cunedda/Cunedagius/Kynedda, ruled the south island (796 BC). married to *Gwawl verch Coel Hen

401: Henwyn ap BLEIDDUD, Duke/King of Cambria and Cornwall. married to *Regan/Rhagaw vrch Llyr, born 860 BC

402: Bleiddud/Cyngen ap ASSER< Duke/King of Cambria and Cornwall (881 BC), he ruled for 20 years

403: Asser/Hudibras (Run Baldr in Welsh) ap CYNGEN, Duke of Cambria and Cornwall (920 BC)

404: Cyngen/Bleiddud ap DYFNWAL, Duke of Cambria and Cornwall

405: Dyfnwal Hen ap GORBONIAN, Duke of Cambria and Cornwall

406: Gorbonian/Borwynawn/Gorboduc of Camber, Duke of Cambria and Cornwall

407: Camber/Kamber/Cymryw ap BRWT/Brutus, Progenitor of the Selurian King (in tradition), King/Duke of Cambria and Cornwall

Children of Camber:

1. *Gorbonia ap Camber (see #406)

2. Ithon ap Camber, King of Britain

408: Brwt/Brutus 'The Great' 'The Trojan' 'The Daranian' (eponym of Britain), King of Britain (1104 - 1081 BC) born in what is now Italy. Died 1081 BC, Britain. married to Ignogel of Greece daughter of Pandrasus

Children of Brwt and Ignogel:

1. *Locrinus ap Brutus, King of Loegnia/Britain except Cornwall, died 1076 BC, married 1) Gwendolin 'the Trojan' daughter of Corineus

2. *Camber ap Brutus (see #407)

3. Albanctus ap Brutus, inherited Albany or was we know it Scotland

4. Cweyrydd of Britain, born in England

409: Silvius/Selys Hen/Hisicion of ASCANIUS, born in the woods. No marriage for he seduced an unnamed niece of his grandfather's wife, Lavinia

410: Ascanius Iulus 11 ap AENEAS/Annyn--Tro Britain, King of Alba Longa/Ltinus (1220 -1175 BC), died 1137 BC. married *Creusa/Cassandra of Troy, daughter of Priam

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